Bike's electrical parts include battery, wiring, lights, and sensors.

Bike wheels provide traction; suspension absorbs shocks.

Bike clutch controls gear shifting; brakes ensure safety.

Engine powers bike; transmission transfers power to wheels.

Bike body parts include frame, fairings, seat, and handlebars.

Other bike accessories comprise mirrors, luggage racks, and phone mounts.

Hero Genuine Parts Sale

With the immense credibility of a global brand and the trust of more than 100 million customers, Hero MotoCorp is riding into the future to address the personal mobility needs – traditional and electric – of a bold new world.The company is constantly expanding horizons and strengthening its capabilities.Riding on product innovation and its ever-expanding ecosystem, Hero MotoCorp is determined to stay at the forefront of the transformational shift in the personal mobility space.

We are the Spare Parts and Hero Genuine oil Distributor for Ernakulam District .We support the customers with genuine Parts Supply through 200+ retail outlets in Ernakulam District.

Our services

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Service Contract

Ensure peace of mind by customizing an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) that aligns perfectly with your specific needs and preferences.

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Preventive Maintenance

We offer all types of Preventive Maintenance Service and advance booking facility for faster delivery.

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Repairs & Overhauling

All types of running repairs and Major overhauling such as Engine, Transmission, Differential etc.

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Accident Repairs

Minor and Major, we have facility for Collision repairs in all locations

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Roadside Assistance

Volvo Action Service is 24x7 and will reach the customer all the time. Day or night; working day or Holiday, we are at your service.

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You wish to look your vehicle as good as a new one? Complete refurbishment of vehicle including interior work, body repairs, suspension, Chassis, engine and Powertrain